Trip report (Psilocybe cubensis)

A while ago when i had my mycobox I harvested a lot of magic mushrooms for that month. I have eaten mushrooms before, but when you have like 30 grams to yourself you kind of get to now the experience better. This was not my highest dose experience but for sure it was the craziest.Magic Mushroom
It all started around 11 o'clock when my house was asleep. It all took place in my room which i have decorated a bit. I covered the lights with some color paper to get a kind of a romantic feeling going, I sometimes draw while tripping so I set up some paper and some pastels. And yes it was all just for me. I prefer tripping alone because you have a better chance to go deeper into yourself. I would like to add that I do not see hallucinogens as drugs but as shamanic tools and consciousness xpenders.
Anyway... at around 11 I start chewing the mushrooms for 10-15 min. Then I washed it all down with some lemon juice that I sqeezed out of 2 lemons. I did that because the juice makes the psilocybin molecule more stable. And of course I took the mushrooms on a empty stomach. When that was over I went to smoke a joint and to kind of get me in a even better mood.

So around 30 min later it starts.
Feelings of joy. The lights became brighter and the colors got some contrast. The first thing that I see distorting (and probably everyone) is wood. So when you see wood moving... you can be sure that you'll be having fun. Then come along the colors and the psylocibe shapes? I just made up a word for that. Call it what you wish. Room is breathing and object seem different in hight and such. Then I looked at my paper that I have prepared and i said to myself : I should write down my every thought so I could always have this memory! So I started writing... And man, i was writing fast, i usually write quite slow and I'm bit dislected so I was shocked because I could write every fucking thought... AMAZING. I wrote some crazy shit to say the least. I was not focusing on any thing buy my writing. By the way the papers format was A3 and the size of my font was normal something like 1,5 cm. After like 3 hours or nonstop writing I filled both sides of the paper. At that point I started writing on my desk. It was so insane i started writing : Will Iever stop writing?... And a few more crazy sentencis and then I stopped. Then i went for a cigarette or two and went to bed at 4 in the morning. I went to sleep a bit trippy but hey... I had school the next day at 7.45 so yeah.

The next morning I woke up pretty fresh for only 2 hours of sleep. I always have a anti-depresive feeling the day after taking mushrooms. Before school I met with my friend to tell him my story over a joint. I showed him my paper and I told him that it is probably best if he takes it cause if anyone at my home would see that they would probably think differently of me, plus it look pretty cool.

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