Trip report on Pes Amazonian magic mushrooms

This was my first time experiencing magic mushrooms. My girlfriend and I went camping-it was about July. We got up at 7 am, and each ate 7 grams dried magic mushrooms. PES Amazonian from this site grown on brown rice. We took a few joints with us and started walking in the woods. About 30 minutes later, The leaves and grass became very detailed, and brightly colored. I could see each leaf,blade of grass, twig, everything. After an hour or so, we had lost all sense of time and space. We ended up on an 8 hour walk, about 30 miles.Magic Mushrooms

My girl kept staring at trees as if they were talking to her. She had little balance and fell repeatedly, without being hurt. She was collecting firewood in a bag that had far exceeded its capacity, but continued collecting. We both burst out laughing at nothing, over and over. At some point, the entire forest seemed to be breathing. At one point, a single strand of read thread, abouta meter long was stretched across the leaves of a bush. At no less than 100 feet, I noticed it and was consumed as if I was watching a tornado
Every turn seemed as if we were in the same place. We wandered aimlessly, and did not care. It was hot and we both were sweating and each individual sweat drop was clearly visible on our faces. We entered a meadow near the halfway( i think) and i decided to spiderman up a 60 ft tree. My girl was unable to take a picture, as I was gone by the time she found me. At the top of the tree, overlooking the lake, wind blowing in my face, I almost reached nirvana. I then jumped, and rolled on my shoulder, somehow avoiding injury.
Many people passed us by. We knew they could tell we were high, but did not care at all.

By the time we exited the woods, I had found a large walking stick, and removed my shirt. I felt as though i was a shaman. Ever since, I have become very into my native american ancestry. It was around 12 hours before we were completely back to normal, and we had formed a bond usually requiring years of commitment.

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