My experience with magic mushrooms B+

EV's Story:
Type: Mycelium Growbox with B+ magic mushrooms.
I very easely followed the instructions i got from and the result Was satisfying. I made 3 rounds of harvesting before the box started to mold.magic shrooms

Round One: I almost got 25 good sized and some smaller sized mushrooms. When the veil under the caps had broken loose on the most of the shrooms i harvested them, cut them up in smaller pieces and dryed them with a hair dryer. After maybe an hour of blowdrying i strored them in a air tight box and put it in a coold place.
Round Two: This time i got arround 12 good sized shrooms, i harvested them the same way as a did the first time and cut them up in smaller pieces, just this time i dryed them in a rist in a dry place.
RESULT: Little better than the first time
Round Three: The third time i only got one respectable mushroom, but tis one was bad ass! very big and very powerful:)
I dryed it on a rist as i did the second time.
RESULT: Not much to harvest but great result.

B+ magic mushrooms

I was waiting at least a month between every harvesting before i tried them.
First try from the first flush:
Me and 3 musician friends went to a friend who lives long outside the city. We got drunk and took 2 1/2 grams of the mushrooms each. after an hour we all got more creative and more awake. Perfect for making music.
It was only good feelings all the way.
Later we took a hit of hash from the bong and pot on the LP "Datk side of the moon" vith pink floyd, That was a great experience;)

The taste of the third flush:
Some month later, me and "one of does three friends of mine i mention earlier" were at my home and was having some booz together. After a little while we had to go because hes band "released" their firt LP (vinyl) that day, and they rest of the band was waiting for him, so they could listen to their LP together.
Suddenly, we got that perfect idГЄa of taking that Badass shroom, we split it in half and ait it while we walked to the bandmeeting. 10 minutes later we got there, 20 minutes later the LP albume cover started moving, i tried to hide what i felt but when i lookt at my friend i understand i wasn't the only one who got the effect.
We looked at each other and just started laughing, the rest of the people dident understand what the f... it was all about, so we went out to take a sigarette and took the elevator up to the roof and got a great "PERFECT" view over the whole city, it was dark outside but the city light shine up the whole world, The sky was bright and the stars was shining, I could feel the breeze from the ocean near by and ther was no other place i'd rather be than that spot. Thats a moment i'll hope and will take with me to the grave or wherever i'm going.

Thank you.


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