My experience with magic mushrooms


I acquired some Magic Mushroom and LSD, the mushrooms were picked about two months before from a place called “GodвЂs Field”, which is a nickname for an area near Market Drayton, Stoke-On-Trent that my friend discovered. He saw a rainbow and followed it to find the end and it led to a field where he literally, struck Gold!
Millions of mushrooms of all shapes and sizes, he picked them with his daughter and his girlfriend, under the watchful eyes of local fishermen. He had harvested around 2 kilos of mushrooms which he took home and dried. Unfortunately some devil spawn stole a bag full, but there were still plenty left for us.B+ magic mushrooms

We set a date and took all of them together at home with the acid, which were Mr Mens and we had 7 each. This was about 6 years ago, so the acid wasnвЂt that strong compared to years ago with Strawberries.
It began with the usual effects, laughter, confusion over technology like the hifi and PC and they got to full strength after around 1 hour.

He went to the toilet and came back in looking disturbed slightly, he advised me not to go to the toilet for a piss. I ignored his advice and proceeded to the WC. I started to piss and then slowly started to drift, with that last gasp feeling as the dream became reality. I then opened my eyes to be looking at myself from the toilet pan, I had pissed out my consciousness! This was immediately alarming to me and I thought I had better get back in my body and with a few blinks and then a deep breath, I reclaimed my body and then finished what seemed like a very long visit to the U-Bend.
I told him of my vacation from my body and wondered what wouldвЂve happened if I had flushed, which led to a huge giggle fit that lasted around an hour.
Al seemed uphill and he decided to skin up a fat one. During the smoking of the joint, he threw the spliff away and I asked what had rattled him. He explained that while pulling on the joint, he noticed that he was surrounded within a cone with charred ashes glowing in front of him, he was being burned alive, inside the joint! Freaky shit man. ItвЂs one thing to venture into the U-Bend, but to be burned alive within a spliff is far less desirable.

Magic Mushroom
We then began to meditate as the acid was beginning to take hold. Patterns and colours were being highlighted in the walls and carpets, I was making shockwaves and puddle drops appear by will alone, which was fascinating.
I then sat back and focused on the wall, by now I was feeling a little uneasy, the images were magnifying too much, it was hard to look, but I was getting that slow breathing effect again and decided iвЂd be worse off if I fought it.
I relaxed and let the ether become matter around me. I saw a small cave appear and then a small man with a fishing rod appeared within it, I got caught on the fishing line and was thrown into a Scooby Doo like railway cart, like the ones that were for mining and it was bouncing off some railway tracks at super sonic speed, I then saw an entrance that I was hurtling towards and it was a huge Bart Simpson head that I went straight into the forehead, where the third eye is.


It went black, I was in a void where I thought I was dead, I saw obituaries with my name on. I then took a huge breath again and then I saw tweety birds spinning around my head, like when a cartoon character gets hit on the head.
The other side was awful, I never wanted to return!
After I got it together a bit, I then wondered how I ended up back in the flat!
My friend has a blitz moment too; he said a huge honeycomb sucked him in to the void.
As it all levelled out, I was mostly seeing water running all over the walls and on the tables, spinning pattern that looked like Aztec or Egyptian.
It took about another 5 hours until the effects wore off enough for us to be competent enough to talk sense again.>Magic Mushroom

Other wierd effects were feeling as if we had pissed ourselves and when we were walking around, we thought we had left some skin, or another layer of our anatomy behind! I also saw strange alien type beings appearing in shadow patterns, one looked like it had a jelly fish head, with tentacles on its lips and the heater I have was blowing its head up like a balloon.
After I was staring at it for a while, a strange werewolf face appeared and then hair kept growing out of the walls, like there was skin over everything.
My friend saw me in different colours and I looked at him and his tooth had a strange twinkle and I heard a “ting” noise when it appeared. We were bawling of laughter after that.
Overall, it was pretty intense, we havenвЂt had any acid since as we canвЂt get hold of nay, but we had some mushrooms in Amsterdam, which were ok, Dragons Dynamite and Atlantis we had I think.
I want to try mescaline, as I am a keen occultist and I am experimenting with different levels of consciousness and I hope that this tale will enable me to have a contribution towards the trip out fund!

Hope you enjoyed our journey; I have many more tales for you in the future!


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