My 5th trip on mushrooms.

Basically, this trip would be my 5th trip on Magic Shrooms I took 11g dry, my body naturally has a high tolerance to any kind of drug which basically sucks. The time was about 12pm and I was home alone, I took half day off from work( i've never liked the idea of tripping outside a person's comfort zone as i know how messed up things could get) I decided to trip and rethink my life. My fascination about visuals have passed and I'm more intrigued by how wild my mind goes. Thinking for my future like careers, business ideas and a possibly of migration.

I gathered and weighed out 11g and went to my kitchen and poured some light soy sauce into a bowl. I can't eat and chew the mushrooms dry as ill end up vomiting. I used the soy sauce to drown the taste of the mushrooms.

I immediately went to my room and prepared everything in my room and all the glassware were kept in my drawer. I went to harvest some Magic Shrooms and let them sun dry while I was trippingB+ magic mushrooms

The feeling of freefall has started to come, I love that feeling. Then slowly, slight visuals came. My carpet and sofa started to breathe and shadows were warping. Colours start to be more vibrant. I could feel the power of the mushrooms as this is the highest I've ever dosed. I broke a few glowsticks and placed them all over my room. My visual snow got more intense and colorful.

I was getting very high and I lied in bed and closed my eyes to see where I would go. When I closed my eyes, my virtual space widened, I started walking through this colourful garden. Everything was alienish and words and objects just cannot decribe what I saw. I got a little paranoid and felt I was stuck in a paradox in my room and became clusterphobic so I decided to go out and took a walk to the park. I got there and all the plants looked so green and beautiful. As I feel the sun touched my skin, I felt I was taking a warm bath and I felt reborn again. I found a nice shady spot and laid down on the grass and just relaxed. My mind was overloading with thoughts. Slowly I just zoned out and this was the first time my thoughts ever slowed down. I slowly merged into the ground and I became one with Mother Nature. I became selfless. My mind was blank, I was thinking of nothing. Slowly my hands started to feel wet, and everywhere has water. It felt like I was lying and floating on water.

Luckily there wasn't any turbulence and I'm glad that the plane flight was pretty smooth. Then, the thinking process begins, where I start to appreciate my life, my parents, my gf ,my friends and just think what am I gonna do in life.

I smoked some pot to ease the landing and have some munchies.

That was a rough explanation of my mushroom trip, one thing I've learnt about tripping. That you should never expect to go back or see what you saw on a previous trip. A trip is like a chapter of a book and there are no 2 same chapters in the same book called ' Mushrooms'
magic mushroom

Part 2 of my day.
At about 2200hrs I received a call from my friend M that he got his hands on DMT. He called a couple of friends to meet, so me, Mel, Choo ,Matt decided to trip at John's house. We met there at 2300hrs. I was game for it and none of them knew I just tripped before that.

Arrival at John's house. I asked to see the stuff. To my surprise it came with a Material Safety Data Sheet. It's purity was 99.8% pure. We decided to take it via parachute. Each of us took 80mg. Everyone except Matt have sat on the DMT shuttle before.

We all waited, started to just chill and chat. John started to play some chill music.

3,2,1 WE HAVE LIFT OFF 2345
It kicked it very very fast. John brought up blueberries. We all took one and it tasted like shit!!! He just chucked it on his bed. (Bad idea) I proceeded to play Party Rock Anthem and it was on replay. Slowly everyone went to their little own corner. ( I realized at high doses, people become anti social instead of prosocial.) Choo was on the sofa, John on the bed , Mel on the floor, Matt was walking around and I was at the computer.

Matt jumped onto the bed. And the blueberries were everywhere. I tried to pick them up, but they all ran away from me instead. And everybody was walking around and stepping on the blueberries, sitting on them and eating them. Things started to get messed up. I took my remainder glowsticks and Mel wanted to break them, but I wanted to break them so I did, when They broke, Mel just dropped into the floor. He said he just let go of himself when he heard the cracking of the glowsticks. We threw light sticks everywhere and there were traces everywhere. Everyone looked like a zombie to me, like walking around aimlessly and all their bodies were morphining. Slowly I lost John, he was saying 'LIFE' all the way and I talked and ask him whether he was alright, but he couldn't respond to me and just kept saying LIFE.

I had no sense of time anymore, time was still and we were all trapped in his room. As the rule was to not open the door no matter what happens. Matt ran into my friend's mirror,and started screaming and I was getting worried. He then walked to me and asked if he would die, would he go to hospital? We all knew not to say negative things, but he didnt. Suddenly, he said, he use. To have fits when he was young.... I just told him not to worry, nothing will happen. He then started kissing my cheeks and hugging me, and I just resisted and didn't panic.
Magic Mushroom

Matt started to throw everything in the room, he plucked out and pulled John's telephone wire across the room. The blue berries were everywhere, on the bed, on our pants, the floor. Party Rock Anthem was playing on repeat. I looked at my phone and it was supposed to be 3:33, but it was S:3S opposite 3. Matt was getting out of control. We just left him on the floor to just keep screaming and spitting at everyone. The other 4 of us sat on the bed forming a square, and we started singing kid's songs to just calm ourselves.

Suddenly his door started rattling, John's grandma was asking what the hell is going on, and everyone just kept quiet except Matt. Then she left, and I took a huge sigh of relief. Slowly John fell asleep, Matt was on the bed and was playing around with his specs. He started to eat his spectacles. Now it was Choo's turn, he was getting paranoid and scared. Suddenly Matt came and slapped his head. And I just held and pinned Matt down. Slowly he calmed down. I took Choo to the toilet and drank some water.

The room was pretty quiet, and we yet started to be pro social, Mel, Choo and I. Matt and John were sleeping.
Suddenly, Matt got up and stood at the side of the bed and started removing his pants and started peeing on the floor. We all started laughing. Time was beginning to accelerate and go back to normal. John woke up, and the sun was rising. We had to start clearing up before his parents woke up. His whole room was really really messy and messed up. Many things broke.

My whole trip was rather a huge learning experience for me, I felt I was reborn. It was the highest I've ever been.

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