An Interesting Eperience

So I feel like talking about my trip on Magic Shrooms.
The entire time at the festival we had dealers walking past our camping area trying to sell us stuff, and on Friday morning 8 of us all bought a shot of Shrooms for a fiver each (pretty good deal and the guy made a lot of money in a short amount of time! lol)
magic shrooms
I know Shrooms are all about the senses and when I came up I was very aware of my own breathing, and the tripping was really similar to 2CB. In fact, the whole experience was just like 2CB to be honest! Everything was very large, colours were everywhere and everything was very fluffy and round. The grass was moving to the music and vibrating whenever the bass was particularly low and yeah, it was good. We all went back to the tent and I felt quite sleepy, I got a little bored with the tripping too so I thought IвЂd go and have a nap.

Whenever I take drugs and try to sleep I obviously get closed eye visuals, so on Magic Shrooms it was pretty intense (in tents hahaha) and my brain usually narrates whatever is going on. Like on MD I hear other peoples†voices and have random conversations, and sometimes they donвЂt even include me. On hallucinogenics my brain goes off on itвЂs own and like I said, kind of narrates whatever is going on. I know that sounds a bit odd, that itвЂs not my own thoughts and itвЂs never actually my own voice that I can hear in my brain, but because I have quite a good hold on myself, the unknown voice is still a bit of an undercurrent and I can still come out of it and be like, “IвЂm on this drug, IвЂm trying to sleep, this is a trip” etc. and be okay.Magic Mushroom

So my brain was going off but the things I was seeing were chopping and changing so quick and my brain was going so loud and it was hard for me to come back to myself and remind myself I was on the drug. My brain was saying or thinking anything clearly and I kept having to open my eyes to remind myself that I was still there and “me”. A couple of times even after opening my eyes I was really confused as to where I was and who I was, and I couldnвЂt think my own thoughts. I wasnвЂt scared or freaked out, you kinda just go with it but I suddenly realised WHY you share trips with people and you really should not go off on your own. I came back to myself and went out with people, and saw that five other people out of the eight of us had freaked out massively and were crying and scared. Horrible as it sounds I felt better because I knew I hadnвЂt lost myself that much and I brought myself back to reality fairly quickly and I was completely fine and enjoying myself even more once I was talking to people and felt normal again. Everyone else calmed down eventually and we all just sat around in the tent until the late evening chilling and taking more drugs haha.

An interesting experience but I definitely prefer acid to 2CB or Shrooms. When you get good acid that shit is so intense youвЂre not functioning enough to get out a sentence let alone be in your own thoughts. Fucking LOVE acid.

So yeah, that was my shrooms trip :) good stuff.

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